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Pair Your Pizzas with Tasty Side Orders in Calgary and Edmonton

Not 2 for 1.

French Fries $5.49

Onion Rings $6.99

Potato Wedges $8.59

Garlic Bread $2.39

2 pieces

10” Cheesy Bread Sticks $9.99

10” Cheesy Shahi Bread Sticks $9.99

9 Pieces Mozza Sticks & Marinara Sauce $10.35

5 Pieces Breaded Chicken Breast Strips with 1 Dip $10.99

9 Pieces Donair Dunkers with Sweet Sauce $11.25

Veggie Dip (Eggless) $1.25

Dipping Sauce $1.05

Change of Sauce $1.25

Freshly prepared delicious chicken wings

Tasty Chicken Wings (Made In-house)

Seasoned, Breaded and Deep Fried to Perfection.

Flavours to choose from: Buffalo, Honey Garlic, BBQ, Salt and Pepper, Golden Crispy Fried, Med Hot, Honey Hot, Tandoori Med/Hot, Teriyaki, BBQ Hot, BBQ Honey, Lemon Pepper, Butter Chicken.

Half Orders $6.75

12 Pcs $13.49

Baked Lasagnas

All Orders Come with Garlic Bread.

Vegetarian, Paneer, Beef, Chicken, Two Cheese (Tex-Mex).

Single $12.99

2 For 1 $21.99

Add meatballs $0.99 each

Delicious Baked Lasagna garnished with mint leaves
beverage bottles in ice bucket


Pop Can


2L Bottle



Bottled Water



Hours and prices to change without notice.


Mix and Match and Pay for the Higher Item Only

“No Topping Substitution, Extra Topping Charges Will Apply. Dipping Sauce Not Included Unless Indicated. Pizza Sauce And Cheese Included.”

Please Advise Us of Any Food Allergies

Hours and prices to change without notice.

Garlic bread freshly prepared and garnished with mint

Enjoy Garlic Bread, Chicken Wings and More

Head over to our pizzeria and taste our delicious side dishes.

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